About Anthony

I’m a documentary photographer, web designer and humanitarian. My work with The Culture-ist has been featured by Architectural Digest, Forbes, National Geographic, BBC America, The Huffington Post, Out of the Sandbox and a long list of luxury hotel and lifestyle brands. Along with my beautiful wife Maria, I’m a co-founder of The Culture-ist, an online mag and creative agency as well as Humanity Unified, an international non-profit organization focused on poverty alleviation. When I’m not out shooting in the streets of NYC, or Kigali or creating a new home on the internet for someone, I’m likely spending my time hanging with Maria, our chihuahua Dolce and a craft brew.


Vuori Clothing
Aman Hotels
Sanctuary Lodge, Kenya
Tassia Lodge, Kenya
Contemplate Kitchen
Moon Sister Rising Festival
LSTN Headphones
COMO Metropolitan
ALila Hotels
Amerikalinjen Hotel
Buvik Sea Lodge

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